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Case Retainer

Press Table
Theory of Operation
Press Identification
Primer Pin
Shell Plate
Case Retainer
Primer Depth Setup
Setting the Dies
Primer Tray
Powder Disk
Final Adjustments
Case Feeder
Calibers Change
Bullet Feeder


The case retainers keep the cases pushed firmly into the shellplate. This assures that the cases will be properly aligned to enter the dies and to properly seat a primer.

Using a short Phillips screwdriver, make sure the case retainer screws are tight enough to hold the case retainers firmly in place. Do not over tighten the screws though.

Push each retainer inward, but not so far that the tip of it touches the shellplate. Put a case of the proper caliber into station 1. Pull the handle repeatedly to advance the case around the carrier. As the case advances to each station, it will push the case retainer at that station out the proper amount. There is usually no need to adjust them further, but as you reload check these occasionally. If they appear to not be holding the case firmly in place in the shellplate, push the tip of the case retainer in with a screwdriver until the case is pushed firmly into place. When adjusting the case retainer for station 2, be very careful with the primer assembly. If primers are present in the primer assembly, lift the primer lever (The black arm attached to the primer assembly that moves the primer slider back and forth) carefully off of the pin on the primer slider and move the primer lever carefully out of the way. Replace the primer lever after the case retainer adjustment is done. Push the primer rocker arm (The arm that the primer adjustment bolt on the left side of the press moves as the ram comes to the top of the stoke. Pushing this arm down pushes the primer pin and any primer in place upward.) down to raise the primer pin to make sure the primer slider is in it's proper position than that there is no primer waiting to be fed into a case. Failure to do so could result in two primers trying to enter the primer pocket at the same time, which could cause one or both primers to detonate. VIDEO

As the carrier rises, watch what happens when the primer wedge bar (the spike hanging down on the right rear of the press) pushes the primer arm. Sometimes the primer arm can rub on the case retainer and cause jerky movement of the primer arm, and thus the primer slider. Fixing it is easy, file sharp edges off of the case retainer and if needed file or sand on the bottom of the primer arm, too.


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