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Final Adjustments

Press Table
Theory of Operation
Press Identification
Primer Pin
Shell Plate
Case Retainer
Primer Depth Setup
Setting the Dies
Primer Tray
Powder Disk
Final Adjustments
Case Feeder
Calibers Change
Bullet Feeder


Place a case into station 1 and pull the handle down firmly as far as it will go. This removes the old primer and resizes the case. As you raise the handle the case advances to station 2. Do not add another case to station 1.

As the carrier advances, watch the primers through the slots in the primer trough. Make sure that you see them drop a bit as the case advances to station 2. This is a very good habit to get into. You should do this on every stroke while reloading, too.

Lower the handle which places a new primer into the primer pocket in the case. As you raise the handle the case advances to station 3. Slide the case retainer for station 3 out of the way, which will allow to you remove the case to inspect it.

Look at the primer.

Is the top of it even with or a bit below the head of the case? If the primer can be felt to stick out of the primer pocket it is not seated deeply enough. Adjust the primer adjustment bolt out of the frame one bolt flat at a time. Feed a new round as you did this one, checking each one at station 3 until the primer is fully seated.

If the primer has an indentation in it, it may be seated too deeply. A little bit of an indentation may be okay, but not much. If you feel the primer is seated too deeply, adjust the primer adjustment bolt up into the press, one bolt flat at a time. Feed a new case through each time until you get it right.

Place the case back into station 3. Lower the handle which will flare the case and drop the powder charge. Take the case out and dump the powder onto your scale. Weigh the charge and make sure that you get the proper charge. Once you have done that, return the powder to the case and return the case to station 3 and raise the handle to advance it to station 4. You can move the handle all of the way down and halfway up before placing the case back in at station 3 if you like as long as there are no cases in the press. Be careful that you do not double charge the case. Once you have done that, push the case retainer back in on station 3.

Place a bullet on top of the case at station 4 and lower the handle. Raise the handle enough to remove the round after moving the case retainers out of the way. Check the length. If it is too long, tighten the bullet seater in the die SLIGHTLY and check again. If it is too short or becomes too shot, you will need to start with a new round. Once you get it right, return it to station 4, push the case retainer back in and advance the round to station 5. Pull the handle down one last time. As you raise the handle the case will eject from the press.


Now run another case all of the way through the press and check it like you did the first one. Check as it advances to station 2 to make sure the primers drop. Visually check the powder charge at station 4 before placing the bullet. DO THIS FOR EVERY ROUND YOU LOAD!!!

After the round ejects, check the primer, the OAL and the crimp.

Continue feeding cases through one at a time until you get comfortable with that. Then feed a case every other stroke. Work your way up gradually until you are feeding a case every stroke. Don't worry about the case feeder until you are sure everything is running smoothly.


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