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Press Table
Theory of Operation
Press Identification
Primer Pin
Shell Plate
Case Retainer
Primer Depth Setup
Setting the Dies
Primer Tray
Powder Disk
Final Adjustments
Case Feeder
Calibers Change
Bullet Feeder


The indexing rod slides into the front of the carrier with the angled side of the flipper up. The rod's exact position in the carrier isn't critical right now. VIDEO


As the carrier rises, near the top of the stroke, the flipper on the end of the indexing rod hits a bump on the frame and rotates the indexing rod clockwise slightly. As the carrier goes down, this rotation of the indexing rod allows the bottom of the flipper to catch on a slanted extension on the frame. Further downward movement causes the indexing rod to slide outward. As the carrier nears the bottom of the stroke, the flipper encounters yet another bump on the frame which causes the flipper, and thus the outer end of the indexing rod to move to the right. This movement allows the handle to push the indexing rod inward which causes the shellplate to rotate 72 degrees and locks the shellplate into place. VIDEO



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