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Press Table
Theory of Operation
Press Identification
Primer Pin
Shell Plate
Case Retainer
Primer Depth Setup
Setting the Dies
Primer Tray
Powder Disk
Final Adjustments
Case Feeder
Calibers Change
Bullet Feeder


The Lee Load Master press is a progressive reloading press. As such, it performs many operations simultaneously with five cases with each pull of the handle. The case feeder inserts a case into the press. In station 1 that case is resized and the old primer is removed from the case. In Station 2 a new primer is inserted into a second case in that station. In station three, the mouth of a third case  is expanded to allow for easier seating of the bullet. This case is also charged with powder. In station 4 a bullet is seated into a fourth case. This case may also be crimped here, but as the press is set up on this page, a fifth case is crimped in station 5 with a Factory Crimp die.

As a result of this, high quality ammunition is quickly and easily reloaded with little effort and relatively little cash outlay for the equipment. This page is dedicated to making the initial setup and troubleshooting of the Lee Load Master press as easy as possible.



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