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Primer Pin

Press Table
Theory of Operation
Press Identification
Primer Pin
Shell Plate
Case Retainer
Primer Depth Setup
Setting the Dies
Primer Tray
Powder Disk
Final Adjustments
Case Feeder
Calibers Change
Bullet Feeder


At the rear of the carrier is a hole approximately inch in diameter. This is where the primer pin and primer pin spring go. Place the primer pin spring in the hole in the primer pin. The spring will go to the rear of the press. Start the primer pin down the hole. With your left hand push the primer rocker arm down. This raises the rocker arm under the pin. As you lower the rocker arm back to it's normal position, guide the primer pin down the hole. You may have to rotate the pin slightly to line things up. As you release the primer rocker arm the primer pin should be in the hole with the pin being upright and centered in the hole. There is a ledge in this hole  that the primer pin rests on a ledge. It is very important to keep this clean. Failure to do so will  result in tipped primers. VIDEO



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