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Shell Plate

Press Table
Theory of Operation
Press Identification
Primer Pin
Shell Plate
Case Retainer
Primer Depth Setup
Setting the Dies
Primer Tray
Powder Disk
Final Adjustments
Case Feeder
Calibers Change
Bullet Feeder


Place the shellplate on the carrier be placing the hole over the threaded rod in the center of the carrier. Spin the shellplate around until it clicks into position. You may have to move the indexing rod in or out a little to allow the shellplate to fall into place. Once the shellplate clicks into place, install the case ejector. The long extension in the ejector goes nearest to station 5. Place the rubber O ring over the shaft, then place the knurled nut on the shaft with the smooth side up. The groove in the bottom fits over the O ring. Finger tighten the nut. Try cycling the handle to see if it indexes properly. The indexing rod should flip clockwise slightly when it reaches the top of the stroke. As the carrier goes down, at the halfway point the flipper catches on the frame which slides the indexing rod outward. At the bottom of the stroke the handle pushes the indexing rod inward which indexes the shellplate. VIDEO



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